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Wendy McBride


Wendy McBride

Founder of Living Tree Yoga 

Wendy is the owner of  Wendy McBride Total Fitness.


   The birth of Living Tree Yoga started years ago.  Wendy watched her mother lose her battle with Ovarian cancer.  Her mom was a fighter, she was always positive, even up until the end.  She died at the early age of 48.  A spiritual connection has paved the way, and brought in many people to foster the growth of Living Tree Yoga.  A push here, a  nudge there by way of coincidence or divinity.  A clear vision that started with the experience of having several close friends enduring the struggles that come with cancer treatment.  Knowing first hand how cancer changes a persons life, Wendy knew that offering them a warm welcoming environment in her yoga class could help them. The friends and family who are supporting the cancer patient also need to heal.  There can be such feelings of helplessness and desire to help make things better.   By coming to class her friends got to experience the joy of living in the moment, hope for the future, peace, comfort and love.  Finding their own strength, resilience, and place to belong.  This was available to them whenever they wanted it.  This offering has made a difference in their lives, by giving them something to look forward to and something to be a part of outside all things cancer related.  The healing physically, emotionally and spiritually can not be measured.  But Wendy believes if a person can give such healing, they should... because it is the right thing to do. 

Qualifications and Certifications

  • Certified Wellness Coach through NESTA - National Exercise and Sport Trainers Association Focusing on the process of becoming more aware of our strengths and applying information about ourselves to positively generate the motivation needed to be our best and live our lives to the fullest.  Achieving wellness is when we assess our total mind and body health, then take the responsible steps to live the best life possible.
  • Certified Personal Trainer through NFPT - National Federation of Professional Trainers
    Helping people establish their workouts safely, and effectively, that are right for their bodies and right for their lifestyle - through motivating and educating her clients how to live a lifetime of healthy habits.

  • Certified through AFAA - Aerobic and Fitness Association of America Teaching Group Fitness classes since 1986.  Over 20 years experience helping people lose weight, stay in shape and grow their self-confidence in a fun classroom environment.

  • Certificate of completion through Yoga Fit Making time to sync your mind and body is crucial to stress management.  It simply has to happen.  Yoga  and yoga based workouts are a very effective and efficient way to achieve stress release, and mental clarity. 

  • Y4C Certification ( Yoga for Cancer)  through Y4C by Tari Prinster

​         Yoga teacher training, to equip the instructor to understand the unique physical and emotional needs and challenges               of those touched by cancer.