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Rooted in Strength, Hope, Compassion and Love

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Moving Through The Season...

A diagnosis of cancer creates a shift in the lives of the patient and their loved ones. Finding themselves in the midst of a storm. 

With the rooted support of Strength, Hope, Compassion, and Love, the survivors are able to grow and flourish in the moment. They are able to endure the changes of seasons in their lives by bending, not breaking.  To live in the here and now and look forward to a better tomorrow. One day at a time. Making good memories along the way.

Yoga Class

Our Goal… 

To create a nationwide movement that allows people enduring cancer treatment and their loved one to attend free yoga classes at a location close to home.

Our Mission… 

Living Tree Yoga Studio's mission is to raise awareness of the healing benefits that practicing yoga brings to cancer patients while going through treatment.

  • Aids in stress reduction

  • Aids in circulation and healing

  • Improves emotional distress

  • Improves muscular strength, tone, flexibility and balance

  • Rebuilds bone density

  • Lowers Cortisol levels

  • Avoid and manage lymphedema

  • Reduces levels of anxiety

  • Teaches breathing technique

  • Helps with insomnia

  • Strengthens immune system

  • Improves concentration and clarity of mind

  • Promotes a feeling of well-being

  • Creates a sense of belonging

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

Our Purpose… 

To offer strength, hope, compassion, and love to those enduring the season of cancer in their lives.  Our hope is that they are able to take a good day and make it a great day by sharing in the healing benefits of yoga with a loved one.

If you're interested in taking a Yoga Studio class please fill out the form below.
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