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Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

How My Donation Helps

Helping them through the journey.

Any amount helps!

We have 4 levels of Donating available. Why donate? Donations will drive our movement to reach locations far and wide.  A $1,200.00 charitable donations will allow for 10 Yoga Studios to become a part of the Living Tree Yoga Movement.  We will be hosting quarterly events to raise awareness of the healing benefits yoga has to offer those who are facing a trying time.  Every Root Sponsor will be recognized at our events and publications.

Please consider extending a branch of

Strength for $200

Hope $400

Compassion $800

Love 1200


All sponsorship contributions are tax-deductible. Through our 501 C3 Organization: Living Tree Yoga
EIN: 47-3398736

  • Tax Write Off

  • Spread The Love

  • Help Sponsor Your  Local Yoga Studio With Your $120 Sponsorship

  • Helping People Endure The Season of Cancer in Thier Lives.

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