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Participation Guide Lines

  • LTY participants may attend Yoga classes for FREE during treatment and for 3 months after their last clinical treatment.  

  • LTY participants may bring one support person with them for class free of charge. The support person can be a different person every time.

  • The participating yoga studio (Root Sponsor) will provide their LTY class schedule.

  • Participants can reserve their place for an LTY class though our website or by directly calling the participating yoga studio. Root Sponsor studios can be found HERE (provide a link to studio page)


  • IF the participant wants to attend non LTY classes, they will be charged as any other student

  • Participants and their guests must complete a Student Registration Form and Release from Liability Form. We also recommend getting consent to participate you're physician Individual studios may require additional paperwork.

  •  The LTY Participant must complete a signed waiver releasing Living Tree Yoga and the selected Yoga Business and Instructor from any liability what so ever with regards to attending classes as part of the Living Tree Yoga support program and while on-premises.

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