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Wendy McBride

Founder of Living Tree Yoga Owner of  WM Total Fitness.


The creation of Living Tree Yoga began years ago as Wendy watched her mother, Kitty, battle with ovarian cancer.  Even though Kitty died at the early age of 48, she was a fighter and was always positive. Several years after her mother's passing, Wendy discovered yoga and it's life altering benefits. Knowing first hand how cancer changes a person's life, Wendy knew in her heart that the healing practice of yoga could help cancer patients mentally, physically and spiritually and she began offering free classes to several friends who were undergoing cancer treatments. It wasn't long before Wendy realized that the family and friends of cancer patients could also benefit from taking yoga classes with their loved ones. There can be such feelings of helplessness when helping a loved one through the season of cancer and yoga can replace those feelings of despair with peace and hope. By coming to class, Wendy's friends and their support people got to experience the joy of living in the moment, hope for the future, peace, comfort, and love.  They also came to understand their own strength and resilience even though their bodies sometimes would not cooperate. It wasn't long before Wendy realized that these free yoga classes made a difference in her friends' lives by giving them something to focus on outside the world of cancer treatment.  The healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually was evident. 


What Is LTY

Living Tree Yoga is a community-based movement designed to offer cancer survivors AND a support person the experience of healing for the mind, body, and spirit. A Living Tree Yoga class offers a shared experience of time together making sweet memories and incorporates the healing benefits that practicing yoga brings to the body mind and spirit. A Living Tree Yoga class is a precious gift of something to look forward to away from the rigors of cancer treatment. We believe in the power of the uplifting, support that is offered through the yoga community and we know that yoga studios who chose to become Root Sponsors of Living Tree Yoga are the foundation of our mission. 

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